Why NestAway chose to be in the rental-housing space.


Some of you might not know us. By ‘us’ we don’t mean the company per se, but the people behind it. NestAway is the brainchild of four NIT-K graduates, four friends who took their harsh experiences in a strange city trying to find homes to live in, and turned it around to form their own […]

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In Books We Trust!

The NestAway Book Nest

Whether you are a book cafe or a book fanatic, the NestAway book nest could soon be outside your door! Read on to know about our free library that will soon be seen across town.

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A Tale Of Two Cities – Again.

Bangalore | Courtesy: Lonely Planet

I recently moved to Hyderabad from Bangalore this March. I did not wish to move, but I did. And now that I am here, I’m going to set my foot and poke my nose in every single place…

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Happiness Is Just A Nest Away…


If you’re looking to rent a house in the city and are worried about the harsh prices and security deposits, then look no further than NestAway! Here’s how…

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