In Pursuit Of HOME!

The journey to the hit home begins with a few misses!
The journey to the hit home begins with a few misses!

First Day First

The first day in Bangalore began in search for a place to reside.  I had never thought, even in my half-conscious mind, that this could be such a nightmare. The moment I and my mom entered the first PG, we were horrified. There were 3 rooms in a flat and each room had a minimum of 3 beds – all arranged in such a manner that people would have to jump on each other to get out of the room. And that smeared bathroom which was already a house for cockroaches, lizards and what not! Before the landlord started mentioning about food and rent, I and my mom sneaked away from that place. My dad who was waiting for us downstairs understood the situation just by seeing our disheartened faces. On top of that the area was in a suburban region, so we bid good bye to PGs in that locality and moved on.

Short-term Home!

We made our way to one of the decent and well-known sectors of Bangalore which was around 10 kms from my office. The place we found was exceptionally tidy and the ambiance was fascinating. Actually it would be belittling if I call it a PG – it was more of a service apartment. We inquired about the rent and other facilities and found out that there was no facility for cooking, but food would be served two times a day which would not be included in rent. Though I felt it was a little above budget, my parents were adamant that I was to stay there, mostly because of the 24-hour security. The food was not so great, but I was able to manage. Anyway I am a big foodie, so every other day I would head outside to satisfy my cravings. I also met some awesome people who later became my best friends.

But things started changing in a year. Food was getting worse by the day. Eating out everyday was no more fun, and my pocket was the worse for it!

The Search Begins – Again

The search began again; this time my friend accompanied me. Same filthy PGs awaited us, and we were disappointed at every turn. A common friend came to our rescue and introduced us to NestAway. Instantly, we headed for a site visit. The flat we had chosen was awesome and it was fully furnished, along with all the kitchen utensils. Loved it at first sight! It was also situated in a gated community but the only issue was the lack of any transport facility from the place to my office. Somehow we couldn’t find a NestAway home in our preferred area as NestAway had just begun expanding in Bangalore back then. We spent another 6 months in our old place, but to add to the grief, all of a sudden the rental charges and deposits at our PG were increased exponentially. Furious and determined to find a better place to live, we finally found a new building which Nestaway had taken over in the same locality.

To our surprise it was much more beautiful, comfortable and convenient than the earlier one. We instantly booked our home and planned to shift in less than 2 weeks.

Real life pictures from Sowmya's house
Real life pictures from Sowmya’s house

Life With Nesties!

Those two weeks, I was dubious about two things:

a) It is a 3 BHK apartment with twin sharing, which means 6 girls in one home – are we going to be able to live peacefully?

b) And as I am a vegetarian, I was afraid of having to deal with non-vegetarian food every day!

Moved to the new place by suppressing all these thoughts in my mind. All these hesitations vanished gradually as I encountered my flatmates. They were the best combination of maturity and coolness – a mix of girls from North and South India which gives us the boon of having a multi-cuisine hotel in our home itself! To wind up, it’s been two months with NestAway and so far it has been very smooth sailing. Hope it gets even more pleasant from now on…


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Soumya Nagarad is a budding blogger and a digital marketer in the making. Loves writing, reading, cooking and the digital world of course. Not to forget, a proud Nestie!

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