Expedition Through An Unknown Terrain – A View Of Life From A Millennial’s Eyes

Expedition through unknown terrain!!! Sounds so adventurous…

This is how I perceive life.

We take birth in this world. As a child we get all the care and affection from our parents. And one fine day we leave our homes and start living independently.

From the shade of the umbrella of our parents’ warmth, we move to a world heated up by harsh realities. May it be our studies or at our jobs, we are under the constant pressure of being the best. We forget that we are all different and unique individuals and start comparing ourselves with others. Our  dreams get crushed under the ambition of being that Mr. Right who runs a business and owns luxury cars or that Miss. Perfect Figure who has all the time in the world to entertain fancy flights of imagination. Yes, it’s not wrong to do things like these but do we ask ourselves if “Is this what really makes me happy?” Probably Not! Is life just about going with the flow and losing ourselves, and our own beings, or is it a matter of the choices we make?

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We are all just running a race with no idea where to stop! Have we ever been compassionate towards ourselves? When was the last time that you praised yourself about a great job done or told yourself that it’s alright to fail and the important thing is not to give up?

Aren’t we too busy to notice the beautiful things around us? My office is situated in the outskirts of the city. There are hills nearby and the sunset is a scenic end to my every day. I have been thinking for quite some time, months rather, that I should stop and watch the sun as it says goodbye. I should just sit quietly and enjoy the solitude in silence, doing nothing. But that time hasn’t come yet.


We are all different and we need not be someone else! This doesn’t mean that we should stop improving. But we should take the necessary steps towards overcoming our inner darkness, thus getting closer to realizing our highest potential.

We keep moving on this perilous road of life. We come across many lives. We make friends, build bonds of trust, fall and rise, make mistakes and learn, trust and get deceived, win and lose… Whatever be our circumstances, we keep moving with hope in our hearts..

We don’t know what gift is wrapped in the next moment. We don’t know what the next turn of the road of life will reveal. Sometimes we don’t even know the people with whom we are sharing our space! That’s the beauty and mystery of life. To live in the present moment and enjoy it – this is what it means to live fully.

Past is gone. Future, a system of probabilities, is camouflaged in time. It remains unexplored till the next moment arrives. But it depends on what causes we create in the present.

Thich Nhat Hanh said “Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.

Life, too, can be lived this way. Feel its warmth, smell the aroma, and taste it slowly. And thus for those who can believe in it, life will always remain an Expedition through the Unknown Terrain!


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Rajashree Shikkewal is a member of the NestAway community and an avid blogger. Follow her on http://rajshree26.blogspot.in/

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2 thoughts on “Expedition Through An Unknown Terrain – A View Of Life From A Millennial’s Eyes

  1. Having traveled ‘life’s road’ for many decades and nearing the end of my journey, I concur that every twist and turn in that road opened up many new possibilities and we must be ready to ‘adventure’ forth on each new branch in our road of life.

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