On The State Of Bangalore Traffic… And WHAT We Can Do About It.

Accidents Happen… It is a sudden uncontrolled situation or could it be avoidable?

We are in an age on Mother Earth where technology has no boundaries. It has made us human beings evolve from the stone age to the current stage, and will surely take us further. It is this same technology which a lot of use when travelling on a daily basis from home to school, college, offices, shopping malls and everywhere else.


But, is technology really connecting us or taking us away from ourselves? Is it making us stay alert or are the notification alerts only distracting us? Though the reason for road accidents are many, however usage of cellular phones are adding to the numbers at a fast pace.

Why am I talking about cellular phones and not explicitly about the topic I started with? Well, I am coming to all of that now. Now, I stay in a city called Bengaluru – The Silicon Valley of the country. The city has also made it to the first 5 cities of the country with highest road accidents as per NDTV news in 2015 [ref].

This is nothing to be surprised about; most accidents are uncontrollable situations. However, there are many which can be controlled.

Let’s list the causes and how we can fix them:

Following Traffic Rules – A large population of this city is least bothered to use indicators while taking turns. As if the person behind your vehicle would know when you were going to take a turn. Abrupt turns by motorcyclists and auto-rickshaw drivers without even the smallest hint or understanding that there could be another vehicle behind them creates a deadly situation at times. Using rear-view mirrors seems to be a crime. And why? Well, a phone call needed to be attended or a text message had to be responded to. It is more necessary to do the latter and not check the rear view mirrors, of course!

Over-Speeding – It is great to see the influx of high-speed cars and bikes in the country. I have only one question – did the government give us the roads needed for such vehicles? Speeding cars and bikes crash or meet with accidents more often than the ones which are low tuned. The reasons are many, but the major villain is Over – Speeding. If you want to race why not take it to the race tracks, I say. MRF, CEAT, TVS, Red Bull, Red Rooster – there are many such companies which groom racers. And when you are being Michael Schumacher behind the wheel, and listening to loud music at the same time – basically, ignoring all commandments of good driving – you know what’s in store for you.

Human Carelessness – People in the city are so engrossed in looking at a chat message or attending a call while crossing roads that they forget the basic rule of crossing roads. First check your right, then your left; now cross if there are no approaching vehicles. But somehow, we are not alert on the road; we are more alert to our phone’s notifications.

Following Lane Discipline – Pavements are best left for those walking on the road; not for a biker to show his skills of leaving-the-traffic-behind-at-a-junction. And to the walkers – here’s a fair warning! Look up, for there is a cycle or a bike coming your way. There is a car which is coming towards you as you attempt to cross the road. Look Up, look up, don’t you hear the honking? Oh, you are plugged in to heavy metal, or some Bollywood peppy number, or on a call with someone! Well, there comes the disaster.

Traffic rules and Traffic Police will always be there. Let’s not harass those cops for stopping us due to over-speeding or for not wearing helmets and pointing out our other offences.

They are not responsible for any of the accidents that occur. At least not the ones which can easily be avoided by keeping our senses alert, following traffic rules and respecting other vehicle owners on the road – simple steps which will lead to an immense drop of accidents in the city. Though not a Metro but acting like one – will reasonable behavior like this kill our lovely city? I leave it for all the readers to decide what they’d rather choose……


About The Author:

Mainak Chakrabarty was born in the year 1982, in a Bengali family from the eastern parts of India. After completing his academic struggle in 2005, started working in an MNC of Bangalore. Currently working as a Manager in a company to look into the growth of the organization and individual. Stays in an apartment of NestAway, loves himself and his life.

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