10 Movies That Become Better When You Watch Them With Your Roomies

There are times when you love your roommate for taking care of you and times when you also hate them for being extremely organised or the opposite. However, we all know that he/she is our best buddy to hang out with on a lazy weekend. And, what is better than spending time watching a movie on a laptop or television with some Maggi and Coke? Keep reading to find a list of 10 movies that become better when you watch them with your roomie.

3 Idiots

A huge hit of its time, and fun to watch any time you decide to, 3 Idiots would be enjoyed more if you are staying together in a hostel.

3 idiots

Chennai Express

Thinking how Chennai Express appeared in the list? Ever stayed with a South Indian roommate. If yes, you will surely enjoy this movie! It is the punches and the dialogues that bring the movie in this set. We are sure you would also be mocking south Indian accent after seeing this Rohit Shetty movie.



One of the hits of its time, Cocktail was enjoyed by all its fans. Deepika Padukone allows Diana Penty to stay in her house, and both experience a close bond. Both being opposites, stay together and enjoy each other’s company and help each other during their rough patches.


Delhi Belly

One of the most entertaining movie Bollywood has ever given on the theme of roommates, Delhi Belly takes your roommate experience on a truly another level. The movie revolves around lazy roommates and how they live their life. If you also have a lazy roommate, then you are in for fun.

delly belly


A fun movie to watch with your roomie! It is about 3 people staying together, of which 2 guys pretend to be gay; the fun these 3 have together is taken to another level altogether! The movie also sees the bond of friendship grow among the three, so have fun watching it and forging new bonds with your own roommates.


Pyar Ka Punchnama

We are sure you would love to watch this movie and look at each other while laughing at different scenes, as they relate to your current life. This is the story of 3 bachelors staying in a shared apartments and what happens after their girlfriends enter their lives – so watch out for the cheese!



Another movie to give you the ultimate roomie feeling! Stepbrothers is all about two men who live with their parents.


The Sweetest Thing

If you have decided to binge watch movies this weekend, then The Sweetest Thing should top your list. The movie is all about crazy adventures, different night outs and dress-up sessions, that we are sure you would relate to.


You, Me and Dupree

A movie you cannot miss! It is all about uninvited roommate and how that one person changes your living experience. We bet you would relate more than half of the movie to your real-life experience.


Wake Up Sid

Another one on a lazy roommate! Well, Konkana really did not think that Ranbir would have this level of laziness. But once the man-child gets into his element, he surprises everyone by becoming near-about perfect.


We are sure you might have planned to watch one of these by now. If you have other Holly/Bollywood classics to add to the list, do add below! We’d love to know your picks.


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