In Books We Trust!

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would know of Guy Kawasaki and his open library which he so famously had erected outside of his home some months back – the video is live on YouTube people! Well, we don’t live under no rock, and inspired by Kawasaki’s little library, we decided to create something of our own.

The NestAway Book Nest follows the same principle so that passersby can pick any book of their choice and can either sit there and read it while waiting for someone, or carry it back home. They can keep a book back in the nest when they pick one, or return the same book when they are done reading.

The best thing is no one is there to keep a watch on the process. There are no hidden cameras; no eagle eyes – no one to police your love for the written word. It’s an open bookshelf. Everyone is free to contribute – either with their old books or magazines, or any books that they may no longer find of use.

Why are we doing this? And aren’t we afraid someone might just steal all the books and run? To be honest, we worried about our paperbacks and tomes. But then, reason took over. We believe there are enough book lovers in this city – and across the country – who would appreciate being able to read titles they may never have read otherwise, or come to know of authors they may never have thought of as kin if they hadn’t chanced by this little house of books. We believe that the lovers of good prose would never bring about wanton desecration of something so sacredly built, and so adoringly erected.

Eloquent prose aside, we believe in the city and it’s readers. And this is our humble way of giving back to a city that has given so much to us. 🙂

The first of these book nests stands proud outside our office. We plan to launch more of them across the city soon enough. So if you would like to own one, just let us know. Whether you are a book cafe or a book fanatic, the NestAway book nest could soon be outside your door!

The NestAway Book Nest
The NestAway Book Nest

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