Why NestAway Does Not Believe In Sorting Hats…

What If A NestAway Home Was Like Living In Hogwarts?

Remember Hogwarts? J.K. Rowling’s mystical school of the magical mysteries that only the chosen ones can go to? Once there, the very first scholarly act that each student is subjected to is the Sorting Hat ceremony. The magical talking hat sits atop every child’s head and proclaims his virtues and vices for all to hear. Students are then sent off to their dorms to hobnob with similarly talented people. No wonder then that most of the adventures and life-changing experiences lie outside the walls of the dormitories where the houses mingle and the kids with different traits are forced to inhabit the same space.

This long intro has just one conclusion – dorms are dull. Dorms where you live with people who could be mirror versions of you, are even duller. The adventure my friends, lies elsewhere in the real world and the only way you can be a part of it is to get out of that comfort zone you’ve built for yourself.

Throw Back The Covers…

… and get out of that soft cocoon you have built for protection. And learn to live and adjust, and be a stronger and better individual. Your NestAway home is a microcosm of the macro world – a world where you will meet people of every imaginable type, and then some. And the macro does not care for your preferences or your choices, it does not feel your pain and suffering. If you’ve ever heard Cat Stevens grooving “Ooh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world”, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

But just because the world is harsh, doesn’t mean it is bad. If you can only learn how to scratch their thick skins, you will see that people have a bleeding, beating heart. And most of them, are, innately good. They are just too mired in everyday things to show that side of themselves.

…And this brings us back to a NestAway home.

Sharing a house with people we don’t know from Adam does not come easily to us. We are skeptical, doubtful and sometimes so caught up in our notion of who and what the other person is that we forget to remember to understand them first, and judge later.

At a NestAway house, you have the world at your doorstep – literally. People of all castes and colors, ages, and personalities stay under one roof and as a company policy we do not discriminate between our tenants on any grounds. And we believe that the people who call our houses home are the better for it.

As Malcolm Muggeridge said – “Bad humor is an evasion of reality; good humor is an acceptance of it.” So laugh a little; it’s not the end of the world if your roommate is not the (wo)man you envisioned him to be. Chin up and face reality and see how you turn out to be a better person simply because you learned how to respect someone else for their life choices.

We could have given you – our tenants – the Sorting Hat. We chose not to.

Now you know why.

Sorting Hat | Credit: Denise P.S., Flickr
Sorting Hat | Credit: Denise P.S., Flickr

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