Worked hard, played harder at NestAway WarZone.

Would you invest your fast waning energy after a long day at work for a computer game? No?

Would you ditch your weekend plans for a Saturday to play a computer game? No?

We did. A bunch of avid gamers who took time to gather at a place, met strangers, ganged up with them to form teams and went for the win well past midnight. On 23rd July, NestAway office’s second floor bustled with energy after 8 PM. FIFA maniacs, CS enthusiasts and some budding carrom champions kept themselves busy with the games. Refreshments and music that ranged from good to depressing (leading to frequent booing of DJ Dixit) kept the gamers up and running throughout the evening.

The best part of the night was when everyone took a break from their games and gathered in a circle to have dinner. For some of us, a potluck with friends is a vivid memory from our schooldays. It was fun meeting these amazing people.

Hope we meet more such people in other cities soon!

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Can't sing or code. Loves everything else that she can manage to pull off. Finds solace in a good work of fiction be it books or movies, would love travelling around the world someday.

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