Why NestAway Is A Better Alternative For Homeowners

Imagine you have a house you have invested in and you wish to rent it out to tenants. The idea in itself is pretty simple, but in reality it can be a torture to go through the entire process of listing your house and finding tenants. Let’s look at what all a homeowner needs to do in order to rent his house:

  • You have to list your house on property sites
  • You have to talk to umpteen tenants, show them the house, negotiate rent terms
  • When you find a prospective tenant you have to make a background check of his or her credentials
  • You have to ensure that the tenant is maintaining your property
  • You also have to be around in case something breaks or needs fixing – you’ll be the first person the tenant calls
  • If you happen to have a house in a different city than the one you currently live in, all of the above can be a real hassle

This is not to say that people don’t rent their houses or find tenants, but in most cases they achieve that by getting a broker on board who does all the running around on their behalf to find tenants – for a nice fee of course! The broker is not around to take care of the other issues though, which fall solely under the landlord’s purview. This has been the system for a long time now, and we all know the pitfalls of it. With NestAway though, home owners now have a different, better way of renting out their houses.

What NestAway does for you

At NestAway we do more than just list your house on our portal. We have a well thought out process in place under which when a house owner first contacts us, we do a thorough recce of the property and suggest any required changes. We also ask our house owners to furnish their house if it has not already been done, and when all the prerequisites are met, we on board the property and list it on our site. This is all that the house owner needs to do. From here on, NestAway will:

  • Find verified tenants for your house on your behalf
  • Ensure that your house is rented out in the least possible time
  • Ensure timely monthly rents
  • Maintain your house on your behalf
  • Do all of this without a broker in tow. So, no more broker fees!

And this is not all. When you list with NestAway, we understand the trust you vest in us. And in return, we try to make your property earn more for you with our unique ‘Half-BHK ‘concept. (You can even use this calculator to know just how much more you can earn from the same property than you do today).

The NestAway guarantee

Every day that your house lies empty, is a day you lose money. That is why we at NestAway have some guarantees in place:

  • The Rental Default Guarantee: The first ever guarantee of its kind in India, which ensures that you get your rent on time, every month, like clockwork.
  • The Rs. 1 Crore Structural Insurance: Things break and accidents happen. But with our insurance scheme, you can rest assured that whenever something goes wrong we’ll have your back.

So if you have a house you wish to rent out, call us and speak to our property advisors today! You can either chose to go with the old way of renting houses or the better alternative, and we hope you’ll make the right choice!


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This post has been contributed by a Nestie. If you, too, have a story to share then write in to us at community@nestaway.com.

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