Why NestAway chose to be in the rental-housing space.

Some of you might not know us. By ‘us’ we don’t mean the company per se, but the people behind it. NestAway is the brainchild of four NIT-K graduates, four friends who took their harsh experiences in a strange city trying to find homes to live in, and turned it around to form their own company. Our story is something home seekers in a new city might relate to.

Come to a new place without any connections – no chacha ki bua ki pados wali aunty to help, try to find an affordable home that fits into your first-salary budget, and get disheartened by the huge number of steeply priced houses with heavy brokerage – which urban dweller in the country has not been through this? We did as well. And we ranted and raved about the unfairness of it all before things got better for us. As four bachelors in Bangalore trying to match our expectations with the realities this city presented us, we learnt our lessons the hard way. And our experiences gave firth to the core founding philosophies that drive NestAway today:

Bachelors (whether men or women) are the dynamos of the nation and deserve better.

NestAway is a young company. Our offices are run by young, energetic people looking to make a change in the way this country looks for and finds homes to live in. We know firsthand how difficult it is to find a place you can call your own, and the wonderful things that we can all do once we have found our nests. After the need for roti, kapda, and makaan are taken care of, that’s when we are truly free to explore our true potential.

Every Bachelor has the right to live well, in an inclusive society.

Even in the metros of India, there is a certain stigma attached to bachelors. A lot of homeowners and housing societies have very strict rules against renting houses to singles. Why? Because bachelors are thought of as mayhem creating, rule-flouting creatures that only wreak destruction.

We don’t think that’s true. It’s high time home owners started to open up their minds and accept bachelors as tenants. In a country with the world’s largest youth population, it is our responsibility to ensure they have safe, protected homes to live in once they move away from their parents’ fold and try to make a life for themselves.

Bachelor homes can be (and should be) warm, secure, classy and affordable.

When you think of family homes, the image that pops up in your head is that of a well-lit, happy, warm home. And bachelor homes are exactly the opposite! It shouldn’t have to be that way though. Bachelors, too, deserve to live in classy and secure environments and there is a serious dearth of those in our country.

No city should ever be a stranger to a Bachelor.

Alone in a big city, and you have so much to figure out. The food tastes different, people speak differently, and there is absolutely no semblance of familiarity. Many of us might have even faced situations in which we were discriminated against based on our ethnicity or regional background. At NestAway, we aim to do away with all of that. So that when someone tries to find a house to live in, he gets an equal opportunity no matter his caste, color, religion or language.

Everything we do at NestAway is because we aim to provide dependable and affordable housing solutions to the young guns in the country. Over the past year we have added family homes to our inventory, but that hasn’t taken away from our core pursuit of providing affordable, safe, and super-awesome rental solutions to the youth of India.

We believe in the potential of our youth. And we believe that by providing them with effective housing solutions, we are helping them ease their worries of fitting into their new jobs and their new city lives. We give them safe nests, so that they spread their wings and give flight to their dreams.  After all, a flock of birds up in the sky is a wonderful sight every time!

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This post has been contributed by a Nestie. If you, too, have a story to share then write in to us at community@nestaway.com.

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