Is it a festival, is it a party? Oh look, that’s a Nestival.

If you want a rainbow, you need to put up with the rain. We did too and what a magnificent rainbow it was! While it rained cats and dogs on  6th August, Punekars turned up at Chandani Lawns in Kothrud with undaunted spirits to participate in the first Nestival held for our friends in Pune.

Considering the varied profiles and backgrounds of Nesties in Pune, there was a variety of activities and smaller events arranged for the day. From workshops on martial arts and self-defence to cooking to interpersonal skills. We had Nesties and their friends participate in the workshops to get a first-hand experience, indulge in the food stalls and shopping stalls set at the venue. Even after spending half a day at the venue, the energy on the dance floor was contagious when Zumba kicked off. The wonderful evening culminated with Rudraksh playing some brilliant songs and driving everyone crazy to their tunes.

When the silent and plush green confinements of the NDA road which housed our venue, revelled in the pouring rain, a large group of friends met and fostered memories to cherish.

First of its kind but definitely not the last!

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