Make Bengaluru Clean Again!

Cleaning Up Bengaluru: One Spot-Fix at a time.

Embracing a new city and making it your own comes with its own set of responsibilities. We love Bangalore for the garden city it is and it’s every Nestie’s responsibility to keep it that way. This is what triggered the idea behind the Swachh Bengaluru Mission. It’s definitely not one of its kind but one of the first activities to be taken up by Nesties to give back to the society one activity at a time and one city at a time.

We started with the event on 16th October at a stretch identified with the help of an NGO- Let’s be the change, close to the Regional Passport Office in Koramangala. It was a stretch of sidewalk which lay useless because of the random dumping of garbage by people staying close by and passers-by.

BeFunky Collage1.jpg

BBMP Pourakarmikas kicked  off the activity by cleaning the stretch and dumping the garbage onto the collection vehicles. While they were at it, the volunteers (a healthy mix of Nesties and non-Nesties; mostly volunteers who have had worked with LBTC in their earlier campaigns and people who had followed the Facebook Event) had started scraping the bills and posters off the walls.


The volunteers’ strength had doubled by befunky-collage29AM and the pace had picked up. The painting of the walls progressed briskly while the Pourakarmikas continued to clear  the area of the debris and garbage. A fresh set of volunteers had joined who took up the task of painting the pavement’s border.

BeFunky Collage3.jpgSoon enough the entire stretch was painted and ready for some artwork.

A couple of artists amongst the volunteers took up the task of drawing figures on the walls and everybody helped with finishing the artwork.The result was a beautiful and stunning stretch, one that didn’t exist a couple of hours ago. Some brilliant pieces and a few words of wisdom against littering.

BeFunky Collage5.jpg

But the job wasn’t over yet. Before we wound up for the day, some of us took up the task to visit the neighbourhood to spread the word and advise against treating the space as a makeshift dumping yard. The response from them was very positive but what was even more rewarding were the surprised looks and resulting appreciation from the passers-bys who belonged to the area.

BeFunky Collage6.jpg

“I  just crossed this area in the morning, it was so dirty. This is amazing, our area looks great now.” was what a passerby had to say when we were about to pack up.

With the satisfaction of seeing something transform in front of your eyes , all of us Nesties and partners dispersed by noon with a smile on our faces. It wasn’t a big step but we have definitely got the ball rolling.

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