The taste of Dilwalon ki Dilli

In our tryst with setting and achieving goals for ourselves, when we move to a new city with new hopes and dreams, we often forget to accept the city as our own. Each city has a different persona that it exudes which we need to sit back and appreciate.

Delhi is one such rich experience. The abundance of historical footprints throughout the city takes you through what India has been through since long, be it the Mughal era, the British invasion or the fast adaptation to the modern culture. Aptly expressed in the movie Dilli6:

Yeh shehar nahi, mehfil  hai!

The small gathering of Nesties at Lodhi Gardens met with an underlying theme of being local. If you have to guess two things that can get people from different places and cultures to bond over, then you won’t go wrong with Food and music. We exchanged food, the drool-worthy and mouth-watering dishes that everyone who has tasted the street food in Delhi croons about. Jammed along the melodious tunes of the guitar and chattered to our heart’s content.

With a promise to get together soon at a different place and agenda, we bid each other happy goodbyes.


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Can't sing or code. Loves everything else that she can manage to pull off. Finds solace in a good work of fiction be it books or movies, would love travelling around the world someday.

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