And we are back for Bengaluru.



Bigger and better. The number of people increased, the area fixed was longer, the enthusiasm was more contagious. The second chapter of the Swachh Bengaluru Mission witnessed 90 people joining hands to give the Agara Bus Depot’s boundary wall, a makeover.

We started with briefing the volunteers about the process and divided them into groups for the painting. To our pleasant surprise, the participation was not limited to Nesties and a team of volunteers from Let’s Be the Change & HSR Citizen Forum only. It included drivers, conductors, members of BBMP and random passers-by as well.

It’s great to see that the spirit hasn’t dampened, though these are baby steps we hope the Garden City is back to its grandeur sooner than we expect.

Banni badalayisona Bengalurannu! (Come, let’s change Bangalore)

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