City Santas on their way

Spick and span living room, fixed sinks, cabs on call, clean roads, mobile phone at your doorstep, best morning chai at your nukkad. They are just paid services, or are they?

1.pngThese are people that we take for granted because it’s their job to make our day to day lives easier. Imagine your life in the absence of your domestic help, the cab driver, your electrician or that the delivery guy who brings your happiness home in the form of  the food or the book you ordered. These are our Invisible Supermen and Wonder Women. If nothing more let’s get together this Christmas and gift them the joy they deserve with a thank you. Let’s give back to our cities by spreading smiles on the lips of these amazing people, let’s become City Santas.

To become a City Santa, this is what you need to do:

  1. Fill this form (below) and list yourself as a City Santa and receive a gift from us that you pass on to your Invisible Superman or Wonder Woman.
  2. Let us know of a good time and date when you can pick the gift.
  3. We are sure you are happy now that you have spread that smile on a face. Click a picture with them (and preferably a selfie) and post it on Nesties/ your social media handles with the hashtag #CitySanta
  4. Keep being awesome \m/

For more details do get in touch with us at


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Can't sing or code. Loves everything else that she can manage to pull off. Finds solace in a good work of fiction be it books or movies, would love travelling around the world someday.

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