The Joy of Giving: City Santas - “If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody.” ~ Malcom Bane Christmas came in early this year when more than 300 Santas spread across cities to distribute some holiday cheer and became City Santas. In an era when slacktivists and armchair activists [...]
City Santas on their way - Spick and span living room, fixed sinks, cabs on call, clean roads, mobile phone at your doorstep, best morning chai at your nukkad. They are just paid services, or are they? These are people that we take for granted because it’s their job to make our day to day lives easier. Imagine your life in [...]
We cooked. - Not all of us are great cooks (some of us can ONLY successfully boil milk or water). Having acknowledged that, what would you do when continuous posts showcasing brilliance in cooking keep popping up every now and then on your wall? Run? Hide? Hibernate? Some tried though! While stunning pictures of a grand mixture of various cuisines [...]
Transitioning between Monday and Friday! - If it were not for our funny flatmates, interesting co-workers or friends, our lives would be monotonous. We participated in a small impromptu online challenge #WeekdayBlues, where we had to  post a picture depicting whatever we were up to on a weekday (Wednesday to be precise) at the very moment we received the notification. The [...]
And we are back for Bengaluru. - (( *drumrolls* Bigger and better. The number of people increased, the area fixed was longer, the enthusiasm was more contagious. The second chapter of the Swachh Bengaluru Mission witnessed 90 people joining hands to give the Agara Bus Depot’s boundary wall, a makeover. We started with briefing the volunteers about the process and divided them [...]
For Pune, by Punekars! - Why West Pune? Let’s choose some place in the East. The debate on the spot to be fixed looked like it would not end. That’s when the team of Swachh Pune Swachh Bharat came to our rescue. Within a span of 2 days, the spot was identified, the authorities reached out to and the message [...]
Bringing back glory to the City of Nawabs. - The first step of a new initiative is always a challenge, the sense of surety takes its own sweet time to set in. When a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers gathered at the RTA Bus Stop at Khairtabad on the morning of 13th November 2016, nobody knew what would come out of it and if the [...]
The taste of Dilwalon ki Dilli - In our tryst with setting and achieving goals for ourselves, when we move to a new city with new hopes and dreams, we often forget to accept the city as our own. Each city has a different persona that it exudes which we need to sit back and appreciate. Delhi is one such rich experience. [...]
Make Bengaluru Clean Again! - Cleaning Up Bengaluru: One Spot-Fix at a time. Embracing a new city and making it your own comes with its own set of responsibilities. We love Bangalore for the garden city it is and it’s every Nestie’s responsibility to keep it that way. This is what triggered the idea behind the Swachh Bengaluru Mission. It’s [...]
Tales of the Nawabs - Every month we have around 1000 new Nesties joining us in every city from different places with varied cultures & beliefs. This meetup on 15th October was an effort to get together with such people and overcome the initial hiccup of making friends with new people. It was the first initiative for Nesties in Hyderabad [...]